Curation & Ideation in Social Media: HCI Seminar

I just realized that I should make a post explaining some of the new material going on here.

I’m currently taking a class from Andruid Kerne, of the Interface Ecology Lab.¬†We’re analyzing the topics of curation and ideation and how they manifest through modern social media.

As a part of this, I’ve opened a gallery that hosts all of my class work, for your perusal and comment. Feel free to explore the materials as they update. Artifacts within the gallery include tweets, essays, and even multimedia collages based on the readings we’ve covered in class so far.

All of this will result in a final project that will be posted here, for analysis by everyone who’s potentially interested.

If you’ve got any interesting insights or reactions, feel free to share them here or through my Twitter, @eccentriccog.

Additionally, I’ll be updating with details from other class projects and competitions as the materials become available.

Stay tuned to my little experiment.

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