HCI Seminar Update: Final Project

I’ve been hard at work with a fellow classmate, Eric Gonzales, on our class project.

We’re trying to develop novel exploration techniques for increasingly digital libraries. As catalogs become more computerized and automated storage and retrieval systems replace the old shelving methods, library patrons may gain accessibility, but lose the opportunity to wander the collection and explore.

Our project builds on the concepts of monadic exploration to allow for individuals to wander to their hearts’ content, browsing the interconnections, all while never losing their place.

It’s far from done yet, but you can view our progress in the HCI Seminar gallery area of my portfolio.


HFES Student Chapter Recruitment Meeting

We’ve done it! Texas A&M University finally has a student chapter for HFES.

We’ll be having our first meeting on Monday night, and I’m scrambling around with Katie Tippey’s help, getting food arranged and making sure everything’s up to date.

For any potential members, we have a Facebook group to help with group coordination.

I also whipped up a little logo banner for our use in flyers and promotional material.


HFES Meeting, 2013

I’m just writing a quick update from beautiful, mild San Diego.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my presentation for tomorrow morning; I’ll be part of the Perception & Performance Technical Group– Display Research lecture session. I’ll be presenting Supporting Speeded Navigatoinal Communication via Gesture-Controlled Vibrotactile Displays.

I’m also incredibly interested in the Cognitive Engineering panel for Trends in Decision-Making Research, as one of the panelists will be Dr. Alvin Roth, but I’ll be presenting at the same exact time.

Not much to say at this exact moment, but I’m looking forward to the hours upon hours of interesting research that I’m exploring this week.

Who knows, maybe they’ll actually give me a break to see San Diego. So far, I’ve been able to walk through the historic Gaslamp Quarter at night and see all of the interesting shops and bars. It’s very unique here, so I’m looking forward to  the exploration opportunity.