Emergent forms of media are recontextualizing how we interact with our world and each other. As drinking from the firehose isn’t really possible, how do we shape information into structures to allow for generation of meaning? How do new ideas form and propagate?

This is a gallery showcasing my work for 2014 Fall Semester CSCE 667, taught by Andruid Kerne, of Texas A&M’s Interface Ecology Lab.


Curation/Ideation: Weaving the Common Thread: Free-form IdeaMache collage involving initial conceptions and expectations of class.

Synthesis #1: A pair of conceptual essays and IdeaMache collage surrounding the first 3 weeks worth of readings.

Class Presentation: The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s) by Paul O’Neill, Chapter 3 Summary. A spatial exploration of the tension between artist and curator, focusing on the history of attribution, identity, and access to audiences.

Synthesis #2, Viral/Cultural Propagation of Ebola: 2 essays and IdeaMache collage for the second 3 weeks worth of readings.

Final Project, Monadic Exploration: Initial research write-up and wire frame prototype building off of Dörk’s Beautiful Trouble demonstration of Gabriel Tardes’s Monad theory by way of Bruno Latour’s interpretation.