Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines is a Tier 2 automotive software supplier. We monitor  drowsiness and distraction in drivers, pilots, and truckers to ensure that everyone gets home safely.


Dissertation Research

Can vibration direct people in cognitively demanding, high-stress situations? I use vibrotactile interfaces to reduce the mental workload of interpreting visual and auditory messages.

Studies were conducted with Engineering Acoustic Instruments’ C2 Tactor System.

CHIAD (Creative Haptic Interaction At-a-Distance)

FAA – PEGASAS Group 4: Weather Technology in the Cockpit

The US experiences roughly 55 general aviation fatalities a year, most commonly due to pilots flying into hazardous weather with insufficient training. Group 4’s goal is to establish whether this is due to non-compliance, misunderstanding of weather information, or pilots not noticing weather alerts.

Graduate Course Projects