This project focuses on creating a monadic visualization that is appropriate for interacting with digital library databases to preserve searchability and allow for serendipitous discovery, while providing a contextualized map to help users retrace their steps.

Proposal: (under development)

Wireframe Prototype: A rough interaction prototype mockup developed in Axure. This prototype is continuously evolving throughout the project as I publish new changes to the model. While it’s not a fully-functional interface, it shows the interfaces goals of the project in very simple detail.

Interaction Walkthrough Guide:

  1. Select the bookmark icon for I, Robot. See how it populates the network graph to the left
  2. Select Isaac Asimov, which becomes the new center of the graph.
  3. Select the Bookmark for Asimov. See how it is established in relation to I, Robot.
  4. Deselect Asimov’s bookmark.
  5. Select¬†Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.¬†Select its bookmark. See how Isaac Asimov becomes a de-emphasized node connecting I, Robot and the magazine. Hovering over the node provides its title.
  6. Click on the Search icon in the middle of the screen. Search for “Hunter” and select Hunter’s Run.
  7. Note how Gardner Dozois is highlighted. This means it’s a first-degree connection to an existing node.
  8. Activate the bookmark for Hunter’s Run. See how it connects to the rest of the network.